Floraline Services
Floraline are not only one of the leaders in international importation of artificial plants, flowers and trees but also has 37 years experience in the industry which enables us to deliver a full range of services to our clients. Our service range includes the following:

•    Unique and high-trend design and supply of complete floral
      arrangements, stems and arrangement accessories to florists,
      restaurants, hotels, casino's and office buildings.

•    Décor design and installation of artificial trees, gardens and atriums
      and the supply of floral arrangements to retail outlets. We also
      supply any alternative planting options to the industry working in
      close contact with Interior design architects to achieve the most
      realistic installations.

•    Supply of Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands and decorations which
      caters for residential and corporate settings.

•    We supply an exclusive range of Bridal requisites , wedding décor
      and Cake decorations.