Floraline Products
Our company specializes in artificial trees and plants including the design and installation of interior atriums and gardens. We also design and manufacture a large range of floral arrangements and bridal requisits. Our product range extends to the following:

• Silk Flowers Stems and Bushes
      Silk Flowers: High quality and fine detail ensures realistic plant and
      flower designs with the latest imports of silk flowers and bushes. Stems, leaves
      and other accessories ensure the required creation size and finishing.

• Silk Flower Arrangements
      Silk Flowers: Complete arrangements are also available in various
      colours, designs, settings and make-up and can be altered to a client's
      requirements or needs.

• Glitter Berries, Pods and Decorative Stems
      Glitter Berries etc.: A wide variety of decorative items are available
      in order to create an individualistic look and complementing décor finishing
      to a room or area.

• Artificial Fruit and Vegetables
      Ideal for décor props combined with different silk garlands or plants to add
      variety to the final displays. Often used in restaurant settings or deli's for
      creating more realistic food displays on buffets or lattices. It can set a room's
      mood and contribute to a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

• Artificial Plants
      Artificial Plants: The finest quality silk plants, creepers, ferns and so
      many more small artificial plants form part of Floralines product range. These
      plants combined with our designed range of pots and container vases lends
      to high-end décor completion.

• Trees on Natural Stems and Fiberglass Trunks
      Trees: Floraline supplies tree forms and accent plants in silk and other
      finishes leaving your designed area with a realistic touch.

• Christmas Trees, Garlands and Wreaths
      Christmas Trees: The latest 2011 Christmas trees, garlands and
      wreaths range is available at Floraline and will leave your home, family and
      guests in awe of a true Christmas atmosphere.

• Ranges of Succulents
      The latest in minimalistic and contemporary designs can be achieved by our
      large range of succullents , cactuses and aloe's.

• Pots and Vases
      Pots and Vases: Pots and vases have set a new trend in home, patio,
      entertainment and office environments. As with many design elements the
      right pot or vase for your artificial plants or flowers will add richness to
      the floral or plant arrangement and can complement the rooms design.

• Cake Decorations and Novelties
      Cake Decorations and Novelties: An exclusive range of Cake
      Decorations are available at Floraline. The range of products and items for
      wedding functions, events and special gatherings has extended to a variety
      of guest gifts and novelties.

• Bridal Accessories
      Bridal Accessories: A number of bridal accessories are exclusively
      for retail to Floraline. These imported and handmade bridal accessories are
      unique in design and make-up for an inimitable Bridal look.

• Toys
      Toys: A large range of decorative toys for birthday cakes are